This site is dedicated to those of you who have suffered through famine, bad whisky, ugly cop uniforms and several dozen beatings. This site should be particularly endearing to those of you who agree that you're never drunk as long as you can hold on to a blade of grass and not fall off the edge of the earth.
  Nolan is a bastarized version of the authentic Irish name of O'Nuallain. It seems that back in the 19th century that some of the upper-east residents turned their noses up and immigrants with more than two syllables.
  In all seriousness, the O'Nuallains were princes of the Foharta, now the Barony of Forth in County Carlow, Ireland. In pre-Norman days their chiefs held high office under the Kings of Leinster. In Irish the name O'Nuallain means descendant of Nuallan; the word Nuallan means a shout or cry. The name was anglicised O'Nowlan, Nowlan, and Nolan. To this day, Nolan is among the forty most numerous names in Ireland.
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